About Us

The Thorngate Trust is one of several charities set up with funds donated by the Thorngate Family, successful Gosport merchants and grocers from the early 1800’s. Evidence held by the Gosport Society shows that the family had a philanthropic attitude from the early days.

The Thorngate Trust - Gosport
Thorngate Trust Founders

A Charity Commission document dated 9th December 1960 lists a number of charities that had been set up over the years for purposes such as:

  • The provision of apprenticeships for poor boys from Alverstoke
  • The provision of new Almshouses
  • The provision of land and funds for the building of the Thorngate Memorial Hall

The many separate charities were rationalised, with five of them combined to form the Thorngate Relief in Need and General Charity which was then approved under the Seal of the Charity Commission on 8th May 1981.

The Charity is administered by three Trustees who are tasked with meeting its objectives whilst also securing the long-term future of the Trust.

Grants are made largely from the interest earned on its investments.

Day to day affairs of the Charity are handled by the Clerk to the Trustees.

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